connecting the pieces

We provide business process analysis and outsourcing services to allow companies of all sizes to fully leverage global operational opportunities. LSC's flexible operating model enables us to take on project of all sizes and length in order to focus on the basic principle of helping our clients achieve their business goals.

Our BPOG delivers a full range of services from process analysis and realignment to task specific and next generation outsourcing. We focus on optimizing business processes, improving financial and operational performance, ensuring faster business results and helping you generate a sustainable competitive edge.

Centers of Excellence

By creating 'Centers of Excellence' we act as an extension of your company, a remotely operated team with a manager that interacts regularly with your internal groups and accountable to established performance standards. Your business achieves greater agility by converting fixed costs to variable costs. Savings from efficiencies sustain continuous improvement and make further innovations affordable.

Through our global partnerships we have created a flexible infrastructure that allows us to bring operational and economic efficiencies to projects of all sizes, from small start ups to large, high volume entrenched processes. In creating your �Center of Excellence�, we work closely with you to clearly define processes and objectives as well as metrics to give you clear visibility into your center�s operations. The teams we create are agile and able to adjust quickly to the changing needs of your business and work closely with your teams to ensure those needs are met. We become an extension of your own organization.

  • Cost/Labor Reduction � Allow your employees to engage in higher value add activities and increase financial performance by utilizing a global labor force.
  • Process Realignment � Eliminate inefficiencies and optimize business and operational performance.
  • New Revenue Generation � We help you develop and implement new technologies and operational centers.

Sample Outsourcing Projects

Customer Service

  • LSC assisted a large financial services company in developing a global rapid customer response system. A team of resources provides customer support services with duties including collecting and analyzing data required to perfect and complete large financial transactions.
  • LSC resources helped a provider of a large consumer marketing program in developing a tiered, rapid response customer contact handling process and a customized contact management system. A team of globally positioned resources was trained in in the consumer support processes and has handled in excess of 1 Million customer contacts per year.

Data Processing

  • LSC assisted a leading financial services provider in realigning business processes to improve efficiencies, reduce time to completion and digitize workflow. A team of resources now provides data analysis and verification processes for a large financial services company. In the past 12 months the team has handled in excess of 7 Million transactions.

Software Development

  • LSC assisted a leading data aggregation and search marketing firm in creating a streamlined process for software agent creation. An agile team of resources now creates and deploys custom software agents to capture business intelligence information from the web. In the past 12 months, the team has created in excess of 15,000 agents covering multiple market focuses.